Copywriting and Readability: How to Make Your Copy More Readable

 It’s been a while since I published the last copywriting blog post. I’ve been busy with a few other projects.


One was a presentation I delivered at a breakfast briefing for the American Chamber of Commerce in Melbourne. I covered the basic elements of speech writing including how to structure a speech and how to use rhetorical language.


If you’re interested in speech writing, we have a pdf summary of the presentation that covers how to open and conclude a speech. It also shows how speechwriters use language effectively for business and political speeches. Contact us and we will email you the summary of the speech writing presentation.


Now, getting back to the copywriting blog.


In the last two posts you might remember that I wrote about using simple words and simple phrases in your copywriting while keeping a short average sentence length.


Applying these ideas to your copywriting will result in high readability, which I explain  in the post. Since the concept of readability applies to all types of writing (not only copywriting), I decided to post it in my business writing blog.


Read it at .


It’s important to measure the readability of your copywriting for reasons that I explain in the post.


Go to the link above to learn about readability. Apply it to your copywriting.  Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.


Good luck with your copywriting.


Michael Gladkoff

Word Nerds