Content writing services

With our content writing services, you get engaging and highly readable content that highlights your expertise, builds your credibility and generates more sales. Whether you’re looking for a website content writer or a professional writer for printed publications, we’re here to help.

An important part of our content writing services includes discussions with a content writer to understand your needs, your market and your goals. With this knowledge, a Word Nerds website content writer will determine the most effective topics and platforms for your content.

Content formats

In providing content writing services, we produce all types of written content, including:

Website content – get content for the main pages of your website to highlight the benefits of your products or services and build trust. Our website content writers apply search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to create optimised content to help people find your website in search results. This includes using the right percentage of keywords (keyword volume) and related keywords for optimised content, plus writing meta descriptions.

Blog content – help your readers understand your industry while highlighting your expertise. Blog content writing is an excellent way to improve your search engine optimisation. This type of content can cover a wide range of topics that your customers and potential customers are interested in. Besides boosting your organic (unpaid) website visits, you can use this content for social media posts and email marketing campaigns.

Brochure content – although websites are the primary advertising format today, a brochure is a tangible reminder of your business that prospects can carry with them and show decision-makers. With so much digital content available, a brochure can help your business stand out, whether received at a meeting, trade show or as part of a direct marketing campaign.

Presentation content – important sales presentations require powerful content. Our presentation content writing connects with audiences to help you win more business. In addition to creating a script for the presentation, we create copy for slides and can assist with the design as well.

Case study content – a case study is an indirect way to show that your products or services can solve customer problems. It’s tangible proof that your product or service offers value. We specialise in writing case studies for business-to-business solution providers and will be glad to share examples of our case study content writing.

White papers – these provide an opportunity to show your expertise with a piece of content that looks at issues related to your product or service. While it requires time and research, high-quality content will build your trust and credibility with your target market. White papers are long-form content, so usually include more than 2,000 words.

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Content writers for all industries

Our professional content writers work with a broad range of clients in diverse industries. Although no business can claim to be the best content-writing company, our experience includes content creation for hundreds of businesses across Australia and beyond.

Website content writing services

Getting your web content right delivers many benefits. The challenge is making sure that it’s optimized for search so that potential customers can find you. We use powerful tools that help you get your content higher in search rankings so potential customers can find you (since we don’t use paid search advertising, you probably found this page by searching online). Our web content writers are experts in creating optimised content, whether for landing pages, blog posts or other formats.  When delivering web content services, we consider the big picture and how we can maximise your impact with our web content writing service.

Content vs copywriting

Unlike copywriting – which directly promotes your products and services by highlighting features and benefits – content writing positions your business as a helpful resource by sharing knowledge on relevant topics. In addition, the benefits of content writing include increased website visits (as a result of SEO) and the ability to connect with your market on social media platforms. Any content manager will agree that quality content is the cornerstone of an effective content marketing strategy.

If you’re looking for a website content writing company, we’ll be glad to discuss your business and how our content writing services will help you achieve your marketing goals.

Contact us on 1300 731 955 to learn more about how our content writers can help grow your business.

Content writing services case study

Between 2018 and 2021, we helped a business finance provider increase their organic website visits by 5 times – from around 2,000 unique visitors per month to over 10,000 unique visitors per week month. We started with keyword research to determine the most relevant topics for their target audience. With this information, we created content optimised for search. As a result of the web content writing services, the business increased website visitors and sales. Learn more about our SEO copywriting services.

Content editing services

If you have existing content that needs to be improved, check out our proofreading and editing services. We edit and proofread content for all formats, including websites, printed publications, social media, email marketing and more.