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Father of the Groom Speech Tips

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What is a White Paper? | White Papers for Business

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Funeral Speech Tips

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Groom Speech: How to Ensure Your Groom Wedding Speech Rocks

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Father of the Bride Speech: Tips to Make it Memorable

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Capability Statement: What It Is and How to Create One

Having a capability statement is becoming increasingly important, especially if your business is seeking to win on government contracts. But what is a capability statement? Some writers describe it as a resume for your business — others call it a marketing document. In reality, a capability statement (sometimes called a capabilities statement) is a bit of both.
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Freelance Copywriter: Understanding the Basics

We get many enquiries about our copywriting services. One of the most frequent questions is “How can you write about my business or industry when you have no experience in it?”It’s understandable that business people have some doubts about a freelance copywriter’s ability to understand their business and industry. An experienced freelance copywriter, however, can write about a range of businesses and industries without having worked in them.