Word Nerds Testimonials

You are a genius! No other words can convey my gratitude for such wonderful writing for my website.

I have read through the rewrite many times over the last few days and presented it to others whose opinion I respect. Everyone agrees that you have done an outstanding job of changing the focus of my bio without losing the essence on which my experience is based.

Well done and thank you for your professionalism and fine editing skills. You were an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to using your editing services for my next book.

I utilised the services of Word Nerds for the speech that was delivered at our organisation’s 50th Anniversary function that hosted very distinguished clients of prominent organisations. It was truly astounding to witness the level of audience engagement throughout the entire 10- minute presentation that delivered a very emotional and personal touch.

‘The comments have been nothing short of exceptional not only from our clients, but also our employees of a night that will truly be remembered. I have no reservations in recommending Word Nerds and have since used their services on a few more projects.

Many thanks again for writing the article about my business. The feedback I have received has been very positive and everyone has commented on how well written it is. Great job.

‘I couldn’t have been happier with the service that I received from Word Nerds. It was definitely worth the investment. They gave me excellent speech writing and editing support and took all the stress out of preparing my speech, which allowed me to focus on other matters at work. The extended applause from the audience at the end of my speech said it all. Thank you, Word Nerds.’

The speech you wrote helped me get my message across clearly and succinctly. It created an emotional bond with the listeners and persuaded them to take action. The speech flowed very well and gave the audience a good understanding of my business. Thank you for writing a great speech.

Their uplifting and thought provoking speeches are exquisitely researched. I heartily recommend them for your speech writing needs.

I would like to thank you so much for writing the speech for my presentation to the Australian Olympic Committee and guests. The speech came across very well and the feedback I have received was great. Thank you again.

I needed to improve the copy of a direct mail letter to consulting organisations. Word Nerds did that for me. Around one out of ten prospects who received the letter and phone call are now meeting with me. Many have commented positively on the letter. Words Nerds has given me a ‘business theme’ which is serving me very well. Thanks very much.

Thank you for all of your great service in editing our weekly newsletter. We greatly appreciate your professional, affordable and fast editing service!

Word Nerds consistently provides articles that are thoroughly investigated and well balanced. Their writing has significantly contributed to our reputation in the market. They deliver articles that are first to print, which keeps us ahead of our competitors. Thank you Word Nerds for your great support.

Thank you, Word Nerds, for doing such a great job editing my manual. You have taken my techniques and guidelines and turned them into something that can be easily read and understood. I’m getting lots of positive feedback from readers who say it flows very well.

They are extremely competent in editing and proofreading. Their common sense approach ensures credibility and professionalism. I highly recommend Word Nerd’s services.

I was extremely pleased by the professional high quality service that was offered. Word Nerds spotted not only grammatical errors, but also helped transform my writing into a clean, professional document. Fantastic!

Just a short note of thanks for your great work on my brochure and website text. You delivered precisely what I needed in a timely manner. I am extremely pleased with the result and will enthusiastically refer you to anyone needing your service. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Word Nerds provides a well-structured and informative writing style that is easily adaptable to any format. Their writing has greatly contributed to the success of our publications.

Every once in a while, I wash, buff and polish my car and it looks new again. That’s what you’ve done to my letter. Great polish, great finish – it really shines!

We’ve had some great responses to the safety article you wrote on behalf of No Bolt. I’m impressed by the way you followed our briefing and how you created the optimal result. Thanks for the fantastic service. I look forward to the next project.

Thank you so much for your contribution that helped us reach the finalist stage with our industry award submission. We appreciate your finesse with words and helping us meet the deadline.