Since 2004 we have created and improved content for over 600 organisations in Australia and overseas, including Europe, South Asia and North America.

Our clients range from family businesses to Fortune Global 500 corporations.

A few of our recent projects include:

Business Writing Services

  • Researching and writing educational articles for a financial services provider based in Sydney to favourably position the company’s services.
  • Writing a proposal for a vending machine distribution company to place vending machines in public transport locations in Sydney.
  • Writing proposal documents for a commercial landscaping business in Sydney.
  • Writing a company profile for a nationwide car repair business.
  • Writing case studies for a commercial supplier and installer of insulation in Melbourne.

Copywriting Services

  • Rewriting finance and accounting course descriptions for an online education provider in Sydney.
  • Writing a company profile for a leading designer and manufacturer of panel shop machinery and equipment based in Melbourne.
  • Researching and writing website copy for a bed and breakfast and conference facility in country Victoria.
  • Writing several sets of job ad templates for a recruitment business in Melbourne.
  • Writing website copy for a Melbourne home improvement product supplier.
  • Writing brochure copy for a vocational education provider located in Sydney.
  • Writing content for a Melbourne app development business.

Speech Writing Services

  • Writing a keynote address for a professional speaker presenting at financial planning conventions Australia wide.
  • Researching and writing an outline and sections of a presentation on IT security delivered at the CEBIT conference in Sydney.
  • Writing the opening presentation for an executive speaking to the annual conference of a multi-national appliances manufacturer and distributor in Sydney.
  • Writing a motivational keynote speech for the CEO of a multinational office design and fit-out business based in Sydney.
  • Rewriting a sales presentation for a volunteer ecotourism business in Sydney.
  • Writing a conference presentation for an international plumbing supply business based in Brisbane.
  • Writing a graduation ceremony speech for the director of a Sydney vocational college.

Editing Services

  • Editing an annual report for a Commonwealth Government department in Sydney.
  • Editing a self-published sales skills book for an author/speaker in Sydney.
  • Editing a proposal document for a landscape services business in Sydney.

Proofreading Services

  • Proofreading show guides for an exhibition and event organiser in Melbourne.
  • Proofreading tender documents for an earthmoving contractor in northern Queensland.
  • Proofreading a weekly newsletter for a vocational college in Sydney.
  • Proofreading an annual report for a local council in southeast Queensland.