Training and Conference Speaking

Word Nerds offers a variety of conference speaking and training services broadly covering the topic of persuasive writing and speaking. Formats include keynote and conference speeches, conference breakout sessions, in-house training and public workshops.

Word Nerds Business Writing Training

Business Writing Training – gives you the tools to write clearly, succinctly and persuasively. Our business writing courses are based on experience writing and editing thousands of documents, so we understand the common pitfalls and shortcomings of business writing. Before each course, we also look at writing samples of participants to determine the current level of business writing skills and areas for development. Learn more about our business writing training courses and workshops.

Speech Writing and Presentation Skills Training through our Speech Power Division

Speech Writing Training – based on experience writing hundreds of speeches and researching the most influential speeches from the past and present, our speech writing training enables you to create clear, concise and compelling speeches that connect with diverse audiences. Find out more about our speech writing training.

Presentations Skills Training –- public speaking and presentation skills are often the key to success in many roles in business, government and other sectors. Our presentation skills training includes that entire process – from coming up with ideas and creating interesting content, to making connections with audiences and mastering delivery. Learn more about our presentation skills training.

All business writing training, speech writing training and presentation skills training includes proprietary course materials and the option for follow-up coaching to maintain and further develop skills.

Copywriting Courses

We deliver in-house copywriting courses to boost the copywriting skills of your staff and improve results. Our copywriting courses are tailored to meet your specific needs and address areas where copywriting skills can be improved. Get full details about our copywriting courses.

Keynote and Conference Speaking and Workshops

Michael Gladkoff, Founder of Word Nerds and Speech Power, helps event participants boost their written and spoken communication through his keynote speeches and conference workshops. Find out more on the Keynote Speaking and Conference Speaking page.