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Professional speech writing services (also spelled speechwriting) ensure your speech makes the most powerful impact possible. As experienced speech writers, we help you resonate with your audience no matter who they are.

Professional speech writer delivering a full spectrum speech writing services in Australia and beyond

Speechwriting is part science and part art. Your Word Nerds speech writer (can also be spelled speechwriter) offers you the best of both. Our team’s speech writing experience includes writing persuasive speeches for leaders from all types of sectors – business, government, education, professional services.

Our speech writing services expertise has even been put into print. Word Nerds’ principal speechwriter, Michael Gladkoff is the author of Speech Power: The Leader’s Guide to Creating Powerful Speeches and Presentations.

On these strengths, Word Nerds offers you comprehensive speech writing services for any style or setting. Whether you need a speech that’s educational, inspirational, humorous, motivational, persuasive, or a combination of these, our writers achieve outstanding impact for every speech style.

A few examples of our experience include:
speech writing services

  • Exhibition openings
  • Conference presentations and speeches
  • Business award acceptance speeches
  • Anniversary speeches
  • Keynote speeches and graduation speeches
  • Opening and closing ceremony speeches for major sports event
  • Annual general meeting (AGM) speeches
  • Retirement, biographical and policy speeches
  • Academic presentations
  • Persuasive speeches for businesspeople and professionals
  • Building and branch opening speeches
  • Company anniversary speeches
  • Speeches for local, state and Federal Government
  • Birthday, anniversary and wedding speeches
  • Eulogies (funeral speeches).

Why have a written speech?

While you might be able to deliver a speech without notes or just an outline, truly engaging speeches are usually written. By writing a speech, you can:

  • Organise your key points more effectively
  • Use rhetorical devices, such as rhetorical questions
  • Tell stories to connect with the audience
  • Hone your writing style to create a speech the audience understands and is easy to deliver
  • Include a strong call to action.

If you consider the great speeches for politics and business, the most effective speeches are written ahead of time and practiced before being delivered. Informative speeches require research to gather facts and supporting information, such as stories and examples. In addition, if using visual aids, you will need time to prepare these and match them to the speech.

Seasoned professional speechwriters to make the best impression

Every Word Nerds speech writer knows that successful speechwriting is a comprehensive process. That’s why we begin with a thorough discussion of your topic, objectives and audience. In this way we customise our speech writing services to match your personal style and requirements. We also conduct research to fill your speech with insights including quotations anecdotes, facts and figures. The end result? A balanced and compelling speech that:

  • Appeals to the hearts and minds of your audience
  • Creates a positive impression
  • Achieves your desired results whether this is to motivate, educate or compel to action.

Could you benefit from having an experienced professional speech writer work with you? Word Nerds provides leading speech writing services that give you all the tools to be a captivating speaker. We write all types of speeches for business and social occasions. Our speechwriters are based in Melbourne but serve clients across Australia and internationally. We have worked with clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, and many points in between.

Get in touch with a speechwriter about your needs and our speech writing services

Give us a call on 1300 731 955 to discuss your needs. Alternatively, Speech Writing and Public Speaking Blog.

In addition, you can develop your public speaking and presentation skills by looking into public speaking and presentation skills training. Visit our Speech Power website to learn more about presentation skills training and coaching.

Please note: Speech writing can also be spelled speechwriting. Depending on the dictionary you use, both spellings are correct. In Australia, speech writing is more common.

What about using artificial intelligence in the speech writing process?

You might have seen websites promoting the services of AI speech writers. We’ve tested AI for speechwriting and found that the results are not as good a speeches written by experience speechwriters. While AI speeches can be produced quickly, they lack the human touch needed to create impactful speeches. For example, most speeches, including motivational speeches, need to include personal stories that need to thoughtfully crafted. This is something an AI speech writer can do. In addition, special occasion speeches, such as birthday and wedding speeches, require a personal touch and an understanding of the specific context. AI speechwriters may not be able to capture the emotions and sentiments that are essential for such speeches. As highly experienced writers, we covered a wide range of subjects for all occasions  – everything from christening speeches and eulogies to motivational and political speeches.