Speech Writing Services and Communication Skills Training in Melbourne

Speech writing services to influence, inform and inspire your audiences.

Do you need to deliver an important speech or presentation, but don’t know where to begin?

Want to create a memorable impression with a speech tailored to your goals, personality and audience?

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Our speech writing services cover the full range of speech writing styles including educational, inspirational, humorous, motivational and persuasive. Our speech writing clients include corporate executives, government leaders, professionals, business owners and people who need to speak at social events such as birthdays and weddings.

As part of our speech writing services, we discuss your topic, objectives and audience to customise a speech that matches your personal style. We also conduct research to add insights to your speech. These can include quotations, anecdotes, facts and figures. The end result is a balanced speech that appeals to the hearts and minds of your audience, creates a positive impression and achieves your desired results.

The speech writers at Word Nerds have over 50 years of combined experience in speech writing and public speaking. As long-time members of Toastmasters International, they have written and delivered hundreds of speeches and presentations, and helped others develop their speech writing and public speaking skills. Michael Gladkoff, Principal Speechwriter at Word Nerds, is the author of Speech Power: The Leader’s Guide to Creating Powerful Speeches and Presentations.

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A sampling of our speech writing services includes writing:

  • an exhibition opening speech for the CEO of a multinational corporation based in Melbourne
  • a conference presentation for a state government minister in Melbourne
  • a business award acceptance speech for an SME founder in Sydney
  • an international medical conference speech for a medical researcher in Sydney
  • a diet and health products presentation for an international conference speaker in Brisbane
  • a 25th employment anniversary speech for an executive at a major Australian retailer in Sydney
  • a motivational sales conference keynote speech for the sales director of multinational appliance manufacturer in Sydney
  • a sponsorship speech for a performing arts organisation dinner in Brisbane
  • a graduation speech for the director of a vocational college in Sydney
  • an annual general meeting speech for the state director of an international chamber of commerce in Melbourne
  • opening and closing ceremony speeches for an international sports event in Melbourne
  • a retirement speech for a leader of a tertiary institution in Sydney
  • a biographical speech for a professor speaking to university leaders in Brisbane
  • a policy speech for a political party meeting in Adelaide
  • a speech to celebrate the opening of a branch office of a financial services company in Darwin
  • an awards ceremony speech for the director of an international dental organisation
  • an annual general meeting speech for the director of a not-for-profit health organisation in Sydney
  • an academic conference presentation on global trends and innovation for the CEO of a multinational engineering firm in Melbourne
  • a speech for the 40th  anniversary of a major gourmet food producer in Melbourne
  • a redevelopment project launch presentation for a state government minister in Melbourne.

If you have an important speech or presentation to deliver, but don’t know where to start, contact us on 1300 731 955 or email us for a free initial consultation to discuss how our speech writing services can enable you to meet your objectives. We deliver our speech writing services from Melbourne and have served organisations across Australia. If you are not based in Melbourne, a Word Nerds speech writer can discuss your requirements by phone and email.

For public speaking and presentation skills training, visit our Speech Power website.

To learn about our approach to providing speech  writing services, visit our Speech Writing and Public Speaking Blog.

Note: Speech writing can also be spelled speechwriting. Depending on the dictionary you use, both spellings are correct. In Australia, speech writing is used more often.