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Copywriting Services

Our mission is to make your organisation more successful by getting the right message to your market through our copywriting services. Depending on your offering, we combine the proven elements of persuasion when delivering copywriting services to build your credibility while appealing to emotion and logic.

In The Elements of Copywriting , legendary copywriter Robert Bly explains that effective advertising copy must:

  • stress benefits
  • focus on the customer
  • differentiate your product or service
  • prove its case
  • establish credibility
  • build value
  • close with a call to action.

We incorporate all of these elements in our copywriting services to grab attention, communicate benefits and persuade prospects to take the next step. As essential part of our copywriting services includes learning about your business by asking in-depth questions and researching to uncover the benefits of your product or service.

All our copywriters are based in Melbourne, Australia, so you get a Melbourne copywriter who understands the local language and mindset. By using a Melbourne copywriter, you get the quality and results you deserve.

Copywriting Services

A copywriter for all formats — web copywriter, brochure copywriter, ad copywriter and more

We  offer an extensive list of services, as our copywriters have a wealth of experience across a wide range of formats, including:

  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Sales letters
  • Product reviews
  • Direct mail items
  • Print advertisements.

If you are developing or updating your website, a Word Nerds web copywriter will make the process as easy as possible. By deciding to work with a web copywriter, you can finally develop or update your website, and start getting results.

If you’re looking for a more subtle approach, such as for branding or public relations, we offer copywriting services for a range of styles and formats, such as:

  • Company profiles
  • Media releases
  • Annual reports
  • Case studies
  • Trade publication articles.

To guarantee your satisfaction when you choose us as your copywriter, we include two rounds of revisions in our project-based quotations.

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You can always learn more about our approach by visiting our Copywriting Blog.