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If your business sells to other businesses, B2B content writing services are the key to marketing success. As experienced B2B content writers, we’ve served Australian businesses since 2005.

We help you connect with new customers or engage with your existing customers by creating all types of content for B2B target audiences, whether short or long-form content. Examples include:

  • Website landing pages
  • Blog posts and articles
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Social media posts
  • Company profiles
  • Capability statements.

One of our specialties is SEO content writing and copywriting. As a B2B content writing agency, we’ve grown organic traffic for our customers by creating SEO-friendly website content for businesses across Australia. If you want to get more potential customers to your website – to boost sales and increase brand awareness – we create content to make it happen.

How our B2B writers make a difference

Here are a few case studies on how we have assisted with B2B content writing to inform and sell to new and existing customers.

B2B content writing services for a Melbourne-based telecommunications business

A telecommunications business needed a capability statement to submit to government organisations – including local councils – as part of the tender process. We created and designed a capability statement for this business based on interviews with key personnel and research. As a result, the client informed us that they picked up several large clients with the help of the capability statement. Here’s the feedback we received:

A Word Nerds B2B SaaS content writer for a world-class SaaS provider

A worldwide SaaS company approached us to create case studies about how their customers used and benefited from their products. This involved interviewing customers, researching the products used and writing case studies. Here are a few examples of our work for the client:

An example of B2B content writing services delivered by a Word Nerds B2B SaaS content writer






Increasing organic traffic for an Australian business-to-business fintech

In mid-2018, we started writing SEO content for Moula, an Australian fintech business. In the beginning, their website was getting around 2,000 organic visitors per month. The bulk of the work we completed included content strategy and writing blog content. We also helped optimise existing landing pages for search. For the blog, the pieces of content covered areas that would be of interest to potential customers. A few article topics included cash flow, accounts receivable, writing business plans, how to get a business loan and many more. Our B2B content writing services included writing over 300 articles over three years. As a result of writing easy-to-understand content, we increased organic traffic by around five times (as shown in the graph below).

White Paper: Moula Debtor Days White Paper

Business Plan Template: Business-Plan-Moula

Marketing Plan Template: Marketing-Plan-Template-Moula

Nicholas Design Success Story:

Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball Success Story:

Journalistic B2B content writing services

In addition to promotional and informational content, our B2B content writing services include writing features for business publications. One example is writing profiles of business and government leaders for a Sydney-based business magazine. This included using a more conversational writing style and having many quotes from the leaders interviewed, including the Mayor of Sydney and the Small and Family Business Ombudsman. Here are a few examples of the B2B content writing completed for the client:

Sydney Mayor Clover Moore

Australian Small and Family Business Ombudsman Bruce Billson

Kellyville Pets Founder John Grima

Take the next step for effective B2B content writing

As a B2B content writing agency, we can help you improve your communications with our B2B content writing services. Contact us on 1300 731 955 or use the contact form on this page to have a discussion with an expert B2B content writer on options for improving your business communication.

Tips for Effective B2B Content Writing

B2B content writing is a specialised form of writing that focuses on the needs and interests of businesses that sell products or services to other companies. Unlike B2C (business-to-consumer) writing, which targets individual consumers, B2B content writing must address the concerns, challenges, and aspirations of professionals and decision-makers within organisations. Here are some fundamental elements of B2B content writing.

Know your audience

B2B content writers target professionals who are experts in their field. The content should be tailored to address their level of expertise, professional challenges, and industry-specific needs. Understanding the audience’s business environment, pain points, and decision-making process is crucial. This can require research to fully understand the industry, challenges of your target audience and how the product or service can help.

Focus on solutions and ROI

B2B readers are typically interested in how a product or service can solve problems or improve business operations. Content should clearly articulate the return on investment (ROI) and how it helps achieve business goals. If you can include ROI statistics from customers, this will go a long way in supporting the case for what you offer. A case study can be the right format for explaining your solutions and the ROI they deliver.

Maintain a professional tone

The tone of B2B content should be professional, informative, and authoritative. It’s important to strike a balance between being accessible and maintaining a level of formality that resonates with a professional audience. Being too casual usually won’t work for B2B content writing. You want to maintain a friendly and conversational tone, without being too casual or quirky. This comes back to knowing your audience. If your target market is mainly business owners in their 40s and 50s, don’t write in ways that will appeal to younger readers.

Use industry-specific language

B2B content often includes industry jargon and technical terms. However, ensuring that the language isn’t so specialised that it becomes inaccessible to decision-makers who might not be technical experts is essential. For example, a B2B SaaS writer will want to write in a way that will appeal to both CEOs (with less technical knowledge) and their technical managers.

Build thought leadership

B2B content should position the company as a thought leader. This involves talking about products or services and offering insights, analysis, and valuable information that contributes to industry conversations. A white paper is the perfect format to build thought leadership. In a white paper, the emphasis should be insights and analysis, with a brief mention of your solutions at the end of the publication.

Create a narrative

They say that “Facts tell, stories sell.” So storytelling can be an effective tool in B2B content writing. It helps in making complex information more relatable and engaging. Case studies, success stories, and customer testimonials are powerful ways to tell a story that resonates with a B2B target audience and gets them emotionally involved. For example, if your product or service saves customers time, tell a story of how they can leave work at normal hours and spend more time with their families.

Focus on SEO

If you are creating B2B content for your website, you might as well optimise it for search. Like B2C, B2B content should be for search engines to ensure that potential customers can find you. The right keywords, meta descriptions, and SEO practices help reach the targeted business audience. Learn more about our SEO copywriting services.

Use multiple formats

B2B content writing is not limited to blog posts or articles – it includes brochures, white papers, reports, infographics, webinars, and videos. Different formats can be used to effectively communicate with a diverse professional audience. If you attend trade shows, for example, a printed company profile, capability statement or brochure will be more effective for lead generation than giving out your business card.

Have a call-to-action (CTA)

A clear CTA is crucial in B2B content writing. Whether downloading a whitepaper, signing up for a webinar, or contacting a sales representative, the CTA should guide readers to the next step in the business relationship.

Measure and analyse

You can improve what you can measure. Regularly reviewing the performance of B2B content is key to understanding its impact. Analysing metrics like engagement, conversion rates, and reader feedback helps refine the content strategy. If one approach doesn’t work, try something else and review its impact.

To sum it up, B2B content writing requires a deep understanding of the business landscape, a focus on value and solutions, and a strategic approach to content creation. By mastering these fundamentals, writers can effectively engage with a professional audience and contribute significantly to a business’s marketing and sales objectives.