business writing course

If you are looking for a business writing course, there seem to be hundreds out there. Searching the term business writing course will bring up hundreds of web results in Australia.

When creating my business writing course, I researched what was being offered and discovered how I could create a better way to develop business communication skills.

The typical business writing course is not taught by an expert in the field but by a professional facilitator. The instructor follows a manual and teaches what’s in it. So one day the facilitator will teach negotiating skills, on another they will teach time management, and on another they will teach business writing. Many of these trainers are ‘jacks of all trades’ who simply follow a training manual to deliver the writing course.

What makes this business writing course different?

The point of difference in creating my business writing course is having thousands of hours of hands-on business writing and editing experience. I have personally written and edited over 4,000 business documents and publications for hundreds of companies — from sole trader businesses to multinational corporations. So I know the most common challenges and mistakes made — what works and what doesn’t.

Michael Gladkoff

Michael Gladkoff – Business Writing Brilliance Creator and Trainer

As a trainer, I totally focus on written communication. So I don’t teach negotiating skills, team building, conflict resolution, time management, etc.

My business writing course has been designed for organisations seeking expert in-house training. I will come to your business and deliver the course when it is convenient for you. In addition, Business Writing Brilliance is tailored to your specific needs. In advance of the course, we will determine what needs improvement and customise the course to overcome these challenges. Your employees will gain the essential writing skills to create clear, concise and persuasive writing that delivers results.

In addition to having hands-on experience, I have thousands of writing samples that complement the training. These include business documents I have written and edited for clients since 2004 (business and personal names have been changed to protect confidentiality).

Topics typically covered in Business Writing Brilliance include:

  • How to simplify your writing and keep readers interested in your message
  • The most common grammar and usage errors — and how to avoid them
  • How to create winning emails, letters, proposals and other business documents
  • The fundamentals of persuasion for writing powerful websites, brochures, advertisements and more
  • Editing basics to make your business writing more clear, concise and convincing
  • How to tailor your content to connect with your readers and get results.

Whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, or anywhere in between, I can come to you to deliver Business Writing Brilliance to your team at your location. My business writing course includes the option of follow up coaching and access to samples and templates to ensure maintenance and development of skills.

Please contact me on 1300 731 955 (or email using the contact form above on the right) to get more details and learn how the Business Writing Brilliance course will boost the skills of your team and create the results you want.


If you need to improve writing skills in other areas, we also offer copywriting courses and a speechwriting courses.