SEO content writing is the key to successful digital marketing. You can invest a lot in a website, but it’s not worth much if nobody can find it. You can maximise the return on investment from your website with SEO writing, which will help you improve your website rankings to make sure that new customers can find you when using major search engines, such as Google. 

Boost your online presence with local or national SEO content writing services

If you’re not sure how to create effective SEO content, our SEO specialists can help you every step of the way. This includes getting a strong understanding of what you offer and the market you want to attract. 

Keyword research is a critical step in any SEO campaign. Whether you are considering local SEO or a national SEO campaign, choosing the right keywords will determine who will visit your site and the reason for their visit. Your website content will also depend on your goals. If you’re interested in attracting people who want to purchase your products or services immediately, a search engine optimised landing page is the right approach.

If you’re looking to build your credibility with potential customers, blog posts will highlight your expertise in your field and enable you to connect with readers. 

The best approach is to have both types of content: SEO optimised landing pages that will attract customers looking for your products or services now and SEO content writing (blogs and articles) for people conducting research before getting to the buying stage. 

Our SME and corporate SEO experts use advanced research tools to determine the best keywords for customers who are seeking more information or are ready to buy in the near future. Another important factor to consider is the number of searches for the relevant keywords. For example, one keyword might have 100 searches per month on average in Australia, while another related keyword might have 1,000 searches per month on average. In this situation, it usually pays to pursue the keyword with the higher search volume. However, the best keywords are usually the most competitive to rank for on search engines. 

Start with high-quality content

Many SEO companies focus on the technical side of SEO while neglecting the importance of SEO content writing. But for long-term results, quality content will lead to higher search engine rankings and improve conversion rates. 

SEO content writing case study

In July 2018, we started assisting a Melbourne-based fintech with their content writing. For each piece of content, we researched the keywords and created content of interest to potential users of their services. We also created meta titles and meta descriptions optimised for search. With SEO content writing, we were able to increase their organic website visitors by five times, from 2,000 to 10,000 organic site visitors each month. This was achieved without the assistance of SEO agencies. The following image shows the progress achieved from our SEO content creation services.  There were ups and downs along the way, but the long-term trend was to increase the organic search traffic over time. This has helped increase the number of enquiries from the website and raise the company’s profile. 


seo content writing seo writing


SEO copywriters vs SEO content writers

If you’re not sure about the difference between SEO copywriters and content writers, here’s a brief explanation. Although many writers do both, a copywriter focuses on persuasive content with the goal for the reader to take some type of action. So an SEO copywriter writes landing pages that highlight the features and benefits of products and services. 

SEO content writers create articles and blog posts that are created to inform readers, not sell a product or service. 

Many writers do both, so they can switch between writing information and persuasive content. In both situations, the writer needs to be aware of the optimal length of content and the keywords to use to maximise the SEO rankings of each page. 

Word Nerds, an SEO content writing company and more

If you are looking for SEO content writing in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, or any points in between, we can assist you with SEO content and copywriting services. We’ll be glad to share some SEO content writing samples and discuss case studies of businesses we have assisted with SEO content creation services. 

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Here’s a short article that outlines our approach to delivering SEO content writing services.


Effective SEO Content Writing: A Step-by-Step Guide

SEO writing isn’t as simple as sitting down and starting to write. It requires several steps before and after the writing to ensure the content is ranked higher in search engine results pages. Here’s a summary of the steps we follow when improving SEO for our clients.

We take time to understand your audience

Before you start writing, we get to know who your audience is. This includes asking, “What are their needs, interests, and pain points?” Understanding your audience helps in creating content that resonates and provides value. Getting into the minds of your potential viewers will go a long way in achieving this.

We research keywords

Keywords are the cornerstone of SEO content writing. We use tools like SEMrush to find relevant keywords with high search volumes. We look for long-tail keywords, which are less competitive and more specific. Keyword research also includes seeing what your competitors are up to. We use SEO tools that show the keywords current and potential competitors are ranking for. Many of these often have good search volumes and lower keyword difficulty, which means these target keywords are easier to rank for.

We analyse search intent

We create content that meets the user’s needs by understanding the intent behind keywords (informational, navigational, transactional, or commercial). For example, if the keyword’s intent is informational, your content should provide information or answer a question. Search intent will depend on the buying cycle. Customers will often research products or services – especially more expensive ones – before making a buying decision. Effective SEO content writing can get into the process at the research stage and raise your credibility in the market. You can also offer in-depth content as part of the process. For example, readers can opt for a white paper by providing their name and email address. This also ensures you can keep in touch with them during the buying process.

We craft compelling titles for SEO

Titles should be engaging and include the primary keyword. Since it’s the first thing that captures the reader’s attention, we make it count. We are experts in creating engaging headlines and have delivered workshops on this topic at Mumbrella360, Australia’s largest marketing conference.

We use effective heading structures

Organising your content with headings and subheadings (H1, H2, H3 tags) improves readability and helps search engines understand the content better.

We write quality content

We write content that’s informative, well-researched, and relevant. Quality content keeps the audience engaged, decreases bounce rates, and increases the chances of backlinks. All these are important considerations for SEO content writers to boost search rankings.

Effective SEO content writers include keywords in a natural way

By having keywords naturally in SEO content writing, we avoid keyword stuffing that can negatively impact your SEO. Contrived content will also not keep readers’ attention, resulting in higher bounce rates and decreased rankings.

We optimise meta descriptions and title tags

In addition to optimising content, we write compelling meta descriptions and include your primary keyword. Meta descriptions don’t directly impact rankings but influence click-through rates.

Use internal and external links

We link to other relevant pages on your site (internal links) and credible external sources. By creating blog posts with links to important landing pages, we show the importance of these pages to search engines to increase rankings.

Optimise for mobile

With the increasing use of mobile devices, our SEO content writers ensure your content is mobile-friendly. Mobile optimisation is a significant ranking factor for Google.

After writing SEO content

Other factors come into play after the content has been written. Including images and videos, updating content regularly, and tracking performance are all part of this ongoing process.

Include images and videos

Visuals make your content more engaging. Use relevant images and videos, and don’t forget to optimise file names and alt text with keywords. It also helps to include alt tags (matching the main keywords) for the images

Update and add content regularly

Keeping your content fresh and up to date will improve search rankings. Updating old content can boost its rankings and drive more traffic. Google loves change on websites, so continuing to add new content will also help.

Track performance

Tools like Google Analytics make it easy to track your content’s performance. Looking at metrics like page views, average time on the page, and bounce rates will help you understand what works and what doesn’t.

Keeping SEO in perspective

By following these steps, our SEO content writers create SEO-friendly content that ranks well and genuinely meets your target audience’s needs. Remember, SEO is more than just pleasing search engines – it’s about creating a valuable and accessible online experience for your users. This goes beyond simply optimising content on web pages to create a pleasing user experience.

SEO is a long-term strategy. It takes time to see results, but with effective SEO content writing and strategy, we can see results in as little as three months.