Showing man with a tablet highlighting communication skills training.

Communication skills training can have a large impact on business results. In one well-know study, it was found that changing a few words in marketing material could improve sales results from 19.5% of prospects to 47.4% of prospects – nearly a 2.5 times increase. Although the results of communication skills training might not be this profound, over time it can make a significant impact on sales and profits.

The communication skills training we deliver covers a broad range of subjects, including copywriting, business writing, speech writing, proofreading and editing, and public speaking and presentation skills.

  • Copywriting training covers the art of creating persuasive content for websites, brochures, company profiles, product descriptions, media releases, sales letters and more.
  • Business writing training includes the essentials for creating powerful business documents, including emails, proposals, reports, manuals, staff profiles, capability statements and many more.
  • Speech writing training covers all the essential elements for writing speeches and presentations to influence, inform and inspire audiences.
  • Proofreading and editing training shows you how to create clear, concise and correct content that is easier to read.
  • Public speaking and presentation skills training covers the art of preparing and delivering effective speeches and presentations.

What makes our communication skills training different?

Unlike many other training organisations, we focus on communication skills training. Each of our trainers is an experienced writer, editor or speaker who has practised what they teach. Many organisations have trainers who are ‘jacks of all trades’, so they teach a broad range of unrelated subjects such as time management, negotiation skills, team leadership and business writing. With a superficial knowledge of their subjects, they stay one step ahead of their students.

Communication skills training clients

Over the years, we have delivered communication skills training to businesses, not-for-profit organisations, professionals and government departments. Some of these organisations include Siemens, Red Cross, American Chamber of Commerce, Mumbrella 360 and the Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce.