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Looking for wedding speech writers in Australia?  Why not hire a professional wedding speech writer before the big day?

Wedding Speech Writers for Hire

Word Nerds offers professional speechwriting services for all types of wedding speeches, whether it be a maid of honour speech, a best man speech, a father of the bride speech, a father of the groom speech, or something more unique.

Since 2004, we’ve offered a speech writing service to clients all across Australia, helping to write speeches that are heartfelt, engaging and truly encapsulate the love they feel for the bride or groom.

Why Hire a Professional Wedding Speech Writer?

Trying to put your thoughts and feelings into a written speech can be overwhelming.

Hiring professional wedding speech writers to create an original speech can be a great way to ease your stress. They can help shape your words into something deeply personal, injecting warmth and humour where needed.

It’s a collaborative effort – the best wedding speech writers make sure to retain your unique voice and style and listen to your ideas. They work closely with you in order to get a feel for your personality. Rather than write and rewrite your speech, wedding speech writers help guide you through the process.

Public Speaking and Coaching Services

Along with speechwriters for weddings, Word Nerds offers public speaking services and speech coaching to build confidence and to help connect with your audience.

Our trainers provide you with useful tips and tricks to help you stay cool, calm and collected in front of a crowd, and to give a speech that the bride and groom will never forget.

These include:

  • Speech Length: Ideally around 5  to 7 minutes
  • Body Language: Paying attention to your movements and how you handle the mic while speaking.
  • Storytelling: Focusing on stories that are fun, meaningful and appropriate
  • Eye Contact: Being able to look up at the audience without having to memorise your speech
  • Preparation and Mindfulness: Overcoming nerves and getting comfortable with the material.

The Key Ingredients for a Successful Wedding Toast

Wedding speeches are typically given once entrees are served. They follow in the order of best man, maid of honour, then the father of the bride.

Our speech writers for weddings don’t offer templates when it comes to writing a wedding toast. It should feel intimate and personal, something that captures your love for the bride and groom in a way that feels truly genuine.

There are, however, a number of things you should include:

  • Plenty of time for practice and preparation
  • A clear beginning, middle and end
  • A brief introduction, including a reference to how you know the happy couple
  • A warm welcome to guests, especially those who travelled far to attend the wedding day
  • Special mention of any family members who couldn’t attend
  • Funny or heartwarming anecdotes
  • A thank you to those who helped plan the wedding.

A wedding speech writer like one of the wedding speech writers at Word Nerds

Looking for Professional Wedding Speech Writers in Australia?

We’re here to help!

With the best wedding speech writers in Australia, Word Nerds works with you to produce a wedding speech that’s sweet, poignant and able to be delivered with the utmost confidence.

Over the phone or email, a professional wedding speech writer will ask a few questions so they can get to know you a little better. They’ll take notes, including ideas, memories and other sentiments, before finalising the first draft. Our wedding speech writers for hire will also give advice and encourage you to expand on certain areas.

The speech writing process takes around 2 to 3 days, but we can accommodate shorter timelines.

To learn more about wedding speech writing services, please call us on 1300 731 955 or use the contact form on this page.