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Father of the Bride Speech: Tips to Make it Memorable

Your daughter’s wedding is a big milestone that will be cherished by many. Out of the various wedding speeches, the father of the bride speech can be the most touching and memorable for all. Getting your speech right will help set the tone for the reception and the experience of friends and family. Here are a few ideas to get ready for the big day.

What to include in a father of the bride speech?

Out of wedding speeches, the father of the bride speech is an opportunity to highlight the bride’s history and personality. A few things to include in a simple father of the bride speech are:

  • Welcoming guests and making special mention of those who have travelled a long distance
  • Acknowledging the bride’s parents and family members in attendance
  • Mentioning any family members who couldn’t attend due to illness or travel restrictions
  • Telling stories about the development of your daughter and how she became the woman she is today
  • Welcoming your son-in-law into your family and sharing positive thoughts about him (you don’t need to say too much as this will be covered in the best man speech)
  • Thanking people who have helped you with the wedding day, including wedding suppliers, such as caterers and entertainers
  • Include any thoughts from your wife (if she’s not speaking) or the bride’s mother (if you are no longer together and she agrees to this)
  • Offer them best wishes for the future and propose a toast to the bride and groom. 

While we don’t include a father of the bride speech template here, including the points above should be enough to create a memorable father of the bride speech. 

Creating a funny speech

As mentioned, humour can be included in your speech. It can be a way to break the ice at the beginning. However, it’s best to avoid telling a standard joke. Instead, tell funny stories about your daughter. It could be funny things she did or said as a child and humorous experiences from the teenage and young adult years.  Humour can also be added by giving some ‘marriage advice’ to the groom based on your daughter’s personality. For example. “Just let her choose what you’re going to watch on Netflix and you’ll be fine.” 

When using humour in a father of the bride speech remember to avoid being offensive or embarrassing anyone, especially your daughter. This could set a sour tone for the wedding. If you are going to use a joke that you’re not sure about, run it by the bride and groom beforehand to make sure they approve. After all, it’s their day and they should have some input into what’s said. 

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Speech toast

This is at the end of the father of the bride speech where you share your final thoughts and offer best wishes to the happy couple. Ask guests to raise their glasses for the toast. Sometimes people will stand, but this will depend on the wedding venue (it might be too cramped for people to get up and down out of their seats for numerous toasts by the speakers). Also, you will also want to make sure that the servers understand that you will be proposing a toast and that beverages need to be available for this. 

Father of the bride speech examples

Although we don’t provide father of the bride speech examples here, here’s an outline of one of the speeches we wrote: 

  1. Thanking guests for attending
  2. Speaking about your daughter: early years, personality, funny stories
  3. First impressions of the groom and his positive aspects
  4. How the bride and groom complement each other: the things they have in common and how they can compensate for each other through their differences
  5. Best wishes for the future
  6. Propose a toast to the bride and groom. 

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