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Wedding speeches can cause fear and trepidation for the speaker, whether it’s the bride, groom, parent, sibling or friend.

Congratulations. You have a wedding speech to make. That means you are getting married soon and are in full wedding planning mode. Or perhaps someone close to you is tying the knot and the happy couple wish you to play a key role in their special day. Heartfelt memorable wedding speeches can be easy to prepare and perform. We are here to ensure your big speech on the big day goes without a hitch.

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Wedding speeches without worry

Wedding speeches are both a great honour and a great responsibility. The thought of public speaking alone can bring many out in a cold sweat. These speeches bring other unique pressures to speechmakers.

Groom speeches and bride speeches alike are delivered to a roomful of wedding guests who hang lovingly on every word spoken. In addition, other keynote guests like the father, sister or brother of the bride and groom face similar pressures. Weddings are a milestone occasion. Your words will help to set the tone of the wedding celebrations. They also form part of the fabric of memories that all wedding guests and wedding party members will take forward with them about the day. Most likely your speech will also be captured forever on video to be watched many times over.

Naturally, you want your speech to be remembered for all the right reasons. You also want to take joy and be fully present in every moment of the wedding day itself. That could be challenging if the pressure of making your speech is weighing heavily on you.

Fortunately, we invite you to feel free to relax and enjoy every moment of the wedding celebrations without sweating your speech.  We take time to get to know you, how you feel, your own ideas and what you wish your speech to convey. Then we craft engaging seamlessly-organised wedding speeches tailor-made for you. By the time you stand up the microphone to deliver your wedding speech, you can have absolute confidence that your speech will bring wedding guests to their feet and will touch their hearts.

Speeches in your words

Emotions and sentiments feel very clear to you. But putting these down on paper can be a very different proposition. Many people tell us that what lies so clearly in their heart is challenging to put into words. Indeed, this is one of the biggest challenges wedding speeches can pose.

We approach every wedding speech as a blank canvas. There is no such thing as an effective template for writing a speech. Every bride and groom is unique and we celebrate this through wholly original speeches, every time.

Engaging a wedding speech writer does not take away from the genuine heartfelt nature of your speech. We craft speeches for weddings that are woven together by your words, stories, memories, sentiments and ideas. The essence of your speech will be truly and clearly your very own voice.

Speech specialist for bride and groom

Of all speeches delivered on a wedding day, there are two clear standouts. Those speeches cherished and prized most highly among wedding guests are certainly those delivered by the bride and groom. One of our greatest joys is supporting each happy couple to give full vibrant expression to their feelings on the most important day of their lives.

The groom’s speech and the father of the bride’s alike are very emotional. Each party seeks to express to the other exactly what they mean too them. Many groom and bride speeches share hopes and dreams that the couple have together. Perhaps plans for the future too. Whatever your  ideas, we work with you to transform these into words that come to life as you speak them.

Wedding speech ideas and inspiration for all

Anyone who performs a wedding speech plays a chief role in the big day itself. Certainly, there are those traditional wedding speeches that are commonly given. These include speeches by the bride, the groom and by the father of the bride and groom respectively. But we have worked with many other wedding speakers, such as brothers, sisters and friends.

Sisters speaking at weddings is a common option. We have crafted speeches for the bride’s big sister or younger sister who have special words to share on their sister’s wedding. We are specialists in creating charming heartfelt speeches for sisters of the bride or groom.

We often prepare father of the bride speeches alongside speeches for the mother of the bride too. Many a mother of the bride likes to complement the father of the bride with her own personal words. We have crafted many mother of the bride speeches, enabling the mother of the bride to express her happiness on the big day and welcome her new son in law into the family. Similarly, speeches by both father of the groom and mother of the groom are often given so each gets to personally welcome their new daughter in law into their family. Of course, each speech ends with a wedding toast to honour the bride and groom.

There is simply no set formula for who delivers a speech at a wedding reception. No matter what your relationship with the bride and groom is, we will craft you an enchanting personal speech that helps make the big day one to lovingly remember.

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