The About Us page is usually the last on the list when it comes to writing website content. In many cases, website copywriters run out of steam by the time they come to the task of writing an About us page. One common approach is to repeat what was written on the Home page using different words. This often includes summarising the products or services offered. But is this the correct approach?

In reality, the About Us page is the perfect place to connect with readers by introducing yourself and not repeating what is found elsewhere on your website. This website page is where you construct your ethos, which can be defined as your character. You can learn more about this in How Aristotle Can Help Your with Your Business Writing.

Here are a few ideas of what to include on your About Us page on your website.

Summarise your history when writing your About Us page

Every business has positive and interesting points from their past. It could be a story of how the founder became inspired to start the business. It could be how the business was established to provide a service that was missing in the market. It could be how the company overcame obstacles in the early years. Whatever it is, aim to use a story that shows the human side of your business.

Boast about your achievements when writing your About Us page

It’s often repeated that copywriting should be customer focused. This is true on most pages of your website, where you want to show how your offering will solve the prospect’s problems. The About page is your place to brag about your achievements. This could be awards you have won, certifications you have achieved or blue chip clients you have served.

Show your personal side on your About Us page

You can include short profiles of key personnel on your About Us page. These can highlight each person’s skills and experience in successfully delivering value to your customers. If you don’t want too much information on the page, you could include links to separate pages with profiles of key personnel.

Keep your About Us page short and simple

Avoid writing a page that’s too long. Readers will feel overwhelmed with too much information. Aim for a word count range of between 300 and 500 words on the page.

Michael Gladkoff

We have helped many organisations create their About Us pages. If you need assistance, please contact us to discuss your goals and requirements.