Business Writing Tips from Word Nerds

Have a business writing task you need to complete.  Apply these simple business writing tips for more clear and persuasive communication.

  1. Know your objectives and market before you begin writing

This sounds simple but is sometimes forgotten. Before you begin you should know what the objective of your writing is.  If writing a product brochure, for example, do you want the readers to request more information or go to your website to buy your product? The goal of some business documents might be to raise your credibility in the eyes of potential buyers. For example, a company profile for a business with a complex and expensive offering will focus on the strengths and reliability of the company, and not attempt to get readers to buy the product or service immediately. Proposals are another type of business document, with the goals of showing the organisation’s credibility, reliability and the value you offer at the proposed price.

Along with your objective, it’s essential to have a good idea of who your potential buyers are. You can start by asking “How does my product or service help them overcome the challenges they face?” Surveying your existing customers can uncover this information. Once you know how your customers see your product and its benefits, and how it solves their problems, you can tailor your writing to emphasise their needs.

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