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Simple Tips to Improve Your Business Writing

Many people believe business writing is a frustrating task that should be avoided. But good business writing is important for building and maintaining your company’s image. The following tips will help you achieve clearer and more effective business writing.
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Copywriting Basics – Aim for a Short Average Sentence Length

A basic copywriting rule is to keep a short average sentence length. This concept might sound silly for copywriting, but it’s based on the fact that long sentences are more difficult to read and comprehend. Readers are turned off by complicated writing, so they might not read your copywriting if it has long and complex sentences.
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Copywriting Basics — Use Simple Words

One of the first rules of copywriting is to keep it simple. When copywriting for any format you need to keep in mind that people don’t like reading long or complicated copy.
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Writing a Business Case Study that Builds Your Credibility

Writing a business case study about your products or services…
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Blog On Copywriting

This blog covers copywriting, speech writing, business writing, editing and proofreading. In this post we introduce copywriting. In future posts, we'll define copywriting and give you tips for more effective copywriting.