Whether you are an experienced newsletter article writer or not, writing a newsletter article is a skill that can be developed.

Ever read a newsletter article that made you want to laugh and cry for all the wrong reasons? From a writer’s perspective, the most frustrating thing is that a few handy tips for writing a newsletter article could have saved the reader from a whole world of pain. Below you will find some tips for writing a newsletter article guaranteed to resuscitate even the most jaded readership.

Writing a newsletter article – the beginning

A writer must gain the reader’s interest from the start. If they fail to do this, the reader will likely look for something more interesting to do with their time. This is why titles are the most important words in any text.

Titles often appeal to a readers’ curiosity by withholding information from them. For example, a title such as How can we go on? might flag that the contents of the article are important, without disclosing how. A play on words may similarly pique the reader’s curiosity, while suggesting that the article would be fun to read. For example, They Be Jammin’ might be a catchy title when writing a newsletter article for a scone fundraiser.

The opening paragraph is often a summation of what territory the article will explore. You may want to highlight this paragraph in bold typeface when writing a newsletter article. A picture is also an effective way to get the subject across to your reader. However, this can remove any mystery achieved by your title, so choose the picture with care.

Writing a newsletter article – the middle

The middle, or body of the article, will expand upon the subject raised in the introduction. This may include a short history of the subject, and will almost certainly include the back-story of those involved. Remember, every good article is a story, and every story has a human face. So when writing a newsletter article, add anything that deepens the readers’ appreciation of the importance of the topic. If They Be Jammin’ was a cancer fundraiser, you may mention who started the scone drive, and whether they had cancer, or if the fundraiser was in honour of someone who died from the disease.

Writing a newsletter article – the ending

Similar to the summary that opened the article, the end of the article summarises the take-home message, perhaps with another small story. Returning to our scone drive again, you may wish to provide information on the money raised over the years, or statistics showing a drop in the number of deaths, as scientists close in on finding a cure for the disease. When writing this newsletter article, you may thank individuals by name for their help, or end with a plea to give generously.

Think about language and style when writing a newsletter article

Before signing off, I’d like to leave you with a few quick points on language and style to keep in mind when writing a newsletter article:

  • Make sure your article transitions smoothly from one idea to the next. Keep referring back to the main point of the article to avoid digression.
  • Keep it short. This applies not only to paragraphs, but sentences as well.
  • Avoid jargon, and any words that may require your reader to consult a dictionary.
  • Don’t try to be clever. Use simple language, in a natural, conversational style. This will give your writing authenticity and heart. It’s a way of inviting your reader into your own little world.