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Writing a Sales Letter to Get Your Phone Ringing

Sales letters reach people. Whether your company makes cleaning products or runs self-development retreats, a sales letter – especially a personalised one – can hit the mark like no other form of advertising can. But success, just like the devil, is in the details. That’s why we have compiled this simple guide to sales letters […]

Blog Writing – Tips for Successful Blog Posts

Successful blog writing can be compared to fine cooking techniques. With the right ingredients, your blog can stand out from the crowd. Blogs are a very effective search engine optimization (SEO) tool to keep customers updated hence they are quite popular. With umpteen number of blogs online, here’s how you differentiate your blog writing. Make […]

Report Writing Tips for Effective Business Reports

The task of report writing can be mastered with practice and knowledge of the steps involved. A business report is a factually correct and concise document that assists with decision making. In general, business reports present facts and not be based on opinions. Though there are many business report formats, the basic structure of a business […]

Writing a Fundraising Letter – Simple Tips to Get More Donations

Writing a fundraising letter is often an important first step in getting donations for your not-for-profit organisation. It should be easy to write a letter requesting donations for a worthy cause. Writing, however, can be an uncharitable art form at times – especially when you are writing in a style or theme which is unfamiliar […]

Tips for Writing a Mission Statement

Whether you are an experienced mission statement writer or not, writing a mission statement can seem like a challenge. First, it’s important to understand the value of a mission statement if you wish to write an effective one. You could be forgiven for thinking that they are just a sales hook, or some platitude or […]

White Paper Writing Tips to Highlight Your Expertise

White paper writing can seem like a big challenge, whether you’re an experienced white paper writer or not. If you have a clear picture of what a white paper should achieve, however, the task of white paper writing will be a lot easier. First, how do you define a white paper? Well, there is no […]

Tips for Writing a Newsletter Article

Whether you are an experienced newsletter article writer or not, writing a newsletter article is a skill that can be developed. Ever read a newsletter article that made you want to laugh and cry for all the wrong reasons? From a writer’s perspective, the most frustrating thing is that a few handy tips for writing […]

Metaphors for Powerful Persuasive Writing and Speaking

If people were to think about metaphors at all – and they don’t – most would probably consider them a play on words, or a literary trick suitable only for poetry or novels. This is not only a gross misunderstanding of metaphors, it’s also a great pity. Metaphors are the simplest and yet sophisticated tool […]

Writing an Award Submission to Boost Your Organisation’s Image

Writing an award submission might seem like a big challenge if you are not an experienced award submission writer.  If your award submission writing is successful and you win the award or are a finalist, it’s excellent way to get free publicity and boost your organisation’s image. While writing an award submission might seem challenging, […]