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Metaphors for Powerful Persuasive Writing and Speaking

If people were to think about metaphors at all – and they don’t – most would probably consider them a play on words, or a literary trick suitable only for poetry or novels. This is not only a gross misunderstanding of metaphors, it’s also a great pity. Metaphors are the simplest and yet sophisticated tool […]

Writing an Award Submission to Boost Your Organisation’s Image

Writing an award submission might seem like a big challenge if you are not an experienced award submission writer.  If your award submission writing is successful and you win the award or are a finalist, it’s excellent way to get free publicity and boost your organisation’s image. While writing an award submission might seem challenging, […]

Retirement Speech Tips – Say ‘Goodbye’ in Style with Your Retirement Speech

If you have been with your organisation for a while, your retirement speech is an opportunity to wrap up your career with impact and professionalism. An effective retirement speech will include reflections on your experience; gratitude towards colleagues, family members and others who supported you; friendly humour; and a positive view of the future. Let’s […]

Business Writing Training – Selecting a Business Writing Course

Searching online for business writing training will bring up hundreds of results in Australia. So how do you choose the right business writing training for your organisation? Here are a few questions to consider when looking at the options for training to improve business writing skills: What is the experience of the trainer delivering business […]

Why Cheap Proofreading Can Be Very Expensive

Proofreading is essential for ensuring that your documents and publications are presented at an acceptable standard for your readers. Organisations seeking cheap proofreading often don’t get the results they were looking for. The following case study highlights why cheap proofreading usually isn’t the best choice. A local council learns about the true cost of cheap […]

Should You Use Abbreviations in Your Content Writing?

The controversy concerning the use of abbreviations in content writing was around long before mobile phones and texting. Although using abbreviations in your content writing can be an effective way to save space and get your message across more quickly, it can also hinder your communication by making your writing less clear and understandable. When […]