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SEO Copywriting ─ Making It Easier for Customers to Find You

SEO copywriting can be a crucial key in your marketing strategy. You can invest your time and money in developing a great website only to find that you aren’t generating the amount of business you expected. Unfortunately, the belief that a website will magically generate more business is false. People searching for your products or […]

Tips for Editing and Proofreading Website Content

Editing and proofreading website content is a key step in the content creation process. After writing your website content, it’s a good idea to set it aside for a day or two and return to it with a fresh mind for editing and proofreading. Let’s look more closely at some of the things to consider […]

Writing a Company History – Tips from a Company History Writer

There are many reasons for writing a company history. It could be to celebrate an anniversary or to document your organisation’s achievements over the years.  A company history might be part of a company profile. Whether you are looking to write a company history yourself or hire a freelance company history writer, writing a company […]

Writing a Sales Letter to Get Your Phone Ringing

Sales letters reach people. Whether your company makes cleaning products or runs self-development retreats, a sales letter – especially a personalised one – can hit the mark like no other form of advertising can. But success, just like the devil, is in the details. That’s why we have compiled this simple guide to sales letters […]