Your company anniversary speech can be an excellent opportunity to connect with clients, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders at your celebratory event. Based on my experience writing many of these speeches, here are some ideas of what to include in your company anniversary speech.

  1. Use stories in your company anniversary speech.

A good point to begin is to start collecting stories to include in your company anniversary speech. Foundation stories from the early days of the business can highlight your company’s formative years and values. Stories about overcoming challenges show the human face of the business.  In addition, use stories about significant milestones and successes in your company anniversary speech to create a narrative about the development of the business and its ethos.

How do you find relevant stories for your company anniversary speech? If you are new with the organisation, getting stories will require research. Interviews with the founders and current and past employees are often essential to uncovering interesting stories. Research can also include searching the archives (if they exist) and finding news articles about the business online or in libraries.

  1. Welcome guests attending the company anniversary event.

You can begin by welcoming VIPs and special guests to the event. These might include government representatives, company founders and key suppliers. You could also welcome spouses and other family members who are attending, as well as guests who have travelled long distances to participate in the festivities.

  1. Don’t be afraid to include humour in your company anniversary speech.

Every organisation has funny stories from its past. Finding and using these stories in your company anniversary speech will help you connect with the audience and highlight the organisation’s personality. Your research can include speaking with some of the ‘old timers’ to discover some of the funny things that happened in the past.  Remember to avoid humorous stories that could make your organisation or staff look bad.

  1. Show your gratitude during the anniversary speech.

Your company anniversary speech is the perfect time to thank the people and organisations that have played a role in helping your business grow and succeed. You also can thank the people who participated in organising the event. It’s also nice to thank the service staff, entertainers and others who made the event possible.

  1. Look to the future.

Besides looking at the past, your company anniversary speech should also look to the future. This could include your vision for the future and how employees and stakeholders can play a part in making it happen. Your focus on the future can make a powerful speech ending by inspiring people to build on the foundation created since the establishment of the company.

Your company anniversary speech is an excellent opportunity for your organisation to review its past and inspire for the future. Including the elements outlined above will help you create company anniversary speech that connects with the audience and boosts your organisation’s image.

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About the Author

Michael Gladkoff is a speechwriter, author and speaker who has writes and delivers speeches and presentations for many of Australia’s leading organisations. He is the author of Speech Power: The Leader’s Guide to Creating Powerful Speeches and Presentations. Visit to learn more about the writing and training services offered by Michael and his team.