Searching online for business writing training will bring up hundreds of results in Australia. So how do you choose the right business writing training for your organisation?

Here are a few questions to consider when looking at the options for training to improve business writing skills:

What is the experience of the trainer delivering business writing training?

Many writing training courses are taught be facilitators who do not have hands-on experience practising business writing. The trainer will teach a range of courses. For example, negotiating skills, team building, conflict resolution, time management and business writing. These facilitators simply use a facilitator’s guide to stay one step ahead of the students. For best results, choose a business writing trainer who has real world experience in writing and editing business documents.

Does the business writing training address your organisation’s specific needs and challenges?

Each organisation’s skills differ, so it’s essential to tailor training. This begins by discussing and analysing the organisation’s communication. Looking over writing samples from staff members will give the trainer a better understanding of how written communication can be improved. In connection to the previous point, an experienced business writer —who is not just a facilitator — will be able to determine strengths and weaknesses of the organisation’s writing.

Does the business writing training offer the option of follow up coaching?

Business writing training can boost the skills of staff. But will they maintain and implement their new skills? This is where coaching comes in. Following up — in person or with email communication — will reinforce the skills gained from the training.

Does the business writing training offer ongoing supplemental resources?

Access to examples of effective writing and templates will help staff implement and maintain skills gained from the training. These resources can be offered online in a searchable format for easy access.

There are many training options available. The challenge is to find training that will have a lasting impact. Selecting  training based on the above criteria will help you create long-term improvement.

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