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Capability Statement: What It Is and How to Create One

Having a capability statement is becoming increasingly important, especially if your business is seeking to win on government contracts. But what is a capability statement? Some writers describe it as a resume for your business — others call it a marketing document. In reality, a capability statement (sometimes called a capabilities statement) is a bit of both.
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Copy Editing: What does a copy editor do?

In an earlier post we summarised the differences between proofreading, substantive editing and copy editing. In this editing blog post we’ll give a definition of copy editing (also spelt copy-editing and copyediting) and use examples to show what a copy editor does to improve consistency throughout a document and prepare it for publication.
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Funeral Speech Tips

An effective funeral speech (eulogy) tells us about a friend…
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Birthday Speech Tips: How to Write the Perfect Speech

As a professional birthday speechwriter, I have written many…
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Website Copywriter — Why Use a Professional?

It’s true that most people know how to write at some level, so they think they will be able to save money by writing their own content for their website. Some business owners also believe that they are best suited to write about their business because they are closely involved with it. But a website written by a professional copywriter will be far more effective and generate more enquiries and sales than one written by an amateur.
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Eulogy Writing Tips: How to Write a Eulogy

Writing a eulogy and then delivering it is an important part…
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Tips for Editing and Proofreading Website Content

Editing and proofreading website content is a key step in the…
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Writing a Company History – Tips from a Company History Writer

There are many reasons for writing a company history. It could…
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Writing a Sales Letter to Get Your Phone Ringing

Sales letters reach people. Whether your company makes cleaning…
Scrabble tiles show the word BLOG, highlighting blog writing.